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Project Pitch: How Will Automation Influence on Your Job?

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

My project for the Data Visualization Studio class (Twitter #AlbertoCairoDataVizClass) is about how automation will influence on our jobs.

People nowadays are getting more and more used to living with automation. It's even hard to avoid it in our life. For example, yesterday I was calling UPS to report a missing package. I had to talk to a robot for more than 5 minutes until I got a real representative to talk to. What comes with automation are the rising fears about the transformation of automation of the workplace and its effects on employment. News with headlines like "Job Loss from AI", "You will lose your job to a robot" are already everywhere.


Is that really the case?

And how exactly will it influence your job?

Therefore, I decided to tap into it.

My goal for this project is to answer these questions:

  • What has automation changed the job market?

  • What jobs have disappeared? What new jobs have appeared?

  • Which occupations will thrive, and which ones will wither?

  • What are the potential implications for skills and wages as machines perform some or the tasks that humans now do?

  • How can we prepare for the changes?

The data source I have found as of now was the report Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: Workforce Transitions in a Time of Automation by Mckinsey Global Institue. Currently, I am collecting storylines and extracting data from the report to form my own story.

Inspired by several amazing works, I plan to tell my story in a more customized way. At the beginning of the project, the reader will be asked to choose his/her own job. After that, the project will walk the reader through answers to the questions I mentioned before in a scrollytelling way. For each question, the project a general situation & a specific situation of the reader’s job. A rough sketch of it can be found on the right.

The projects inspired me were How Much Hotter Is Your Hometown Than When You Were Born by New York Times and Calculate your personal Earth Overshoot Day by Global Footprint Network. Their ways to increase reader engagement in the visualizations helped me find answers to the question I frequently ask myself "How to make the audience relate to the story?"

So, what's next? Scrollytelling libraries, advanced D3.js and Adobe Illustrator, also keeping brushing on JavaScript and CSS. Get started!

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